Just gotta fight your way through.

Wise words from Ira Glass

Everyone has those days -- the ones where you want to drop everything and move to a tropical island, spending the rest of your life drinking coconut juice and fishing for a living. Today, and almost every day since I graduated, is/was one of those days. I've been debating my options for a career path and have come to a decision where the most logical thing for me to do right now also happens to be the most boring. But I hope to continue to pursue a creative career in the meantime, even if it isn't top priority. I really don't want to give up on my dreams of being a photographer. This quote by Ira Glass has really inspired me to continue on the path I've worked so hard for, even if it means trudging through artistic slumps.

Watch this video that the above quote came from. 


LindseyWatts said...

marilee, I hope you know that you truly are talented. I think that there will always be times that are discouraging but you are amazing! (and I promise to return your boxes to you soon)

Meagan said...

I have felt the same way marilee! thanks for sharing this!