Let's hear it for the Swedish

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This, my friends, is 27 year-old Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner. 

I wasn't able to find any sort of biography for him so details are scarce, but after looking at his portfolio I felt like that was all I needed to know. His work spans a number of genres ranging from still life to cut paper art. In his own words, "When you don't create yourself a niche you never get bored of what you are doing."

His still life photographs, which appear to be his specialty, come across as formal and structured but what I love is that he doesn't limit himself to just that style. He is able to successfully branch out into other genres and  methods. For example, his portraiture feels candid and relaxed and his cut paper photographs are great examples of abstract minimalism.     

Kleiner recently photographed for Ikea's new cookbook, Hembakat är Bäst in which Evelina Bratell's food styling is a perfect match for his fresh photographic style. The image on the right is from a series he did titled The Big Blur. This picture struck my fancy mostly because of a recent series I did involving food-colored milk. Unfortunately, I have yet to photograph a psychedelic milk spill as elegantly as Carl.

I hope that Kleiner will be photographing for a long time, because he creates some really beautiful work. Check out his website, http://www.carlkleiner.com/, and be sure to click on the "Diary" link to the left of the page to see some of his more casual work.

{images via http://www.carlkleiner.com/}

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Brianna said...

Holy cow! This guy is amazing!